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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Importance of Documentation in Software Testing

Nobody talk much about documentation in software testing, its considered
more as free work.
Even most of the reputed companies does't give importance to documentation. But the fact is that, a good and precise documentation can same a lot of time and effort.

Some of the Benfits of Documentation:
- Clarify quality objective and methods
- Provide feedback for your planning cycle
- Ensure clarity about tasks and consistency of performance
- Provide feedback for preventive actions
- Create objective evidence of your quality management system’s performance
- Ensure internal co-ordination in client work

Documents Used in Whole Software Devlopment Life Cycle:
1. Softwarer Requirement Specification (SRS)
2. Functional Requirement Specification (FRS)
3. Test Strategy
4. TestPlan
5. Test Plan
6. Test Summary Report
7. Test Log
8. Weekly Status Report
9. User Manual
10. User Accecptence Report
11. Bug Report
12. Test Data

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